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A heating repair service in Lexington, KY you can trust!

We take pride in the professional approach to helping customers in Lexington, KY. Our team is fully trained in how to deal with all kinds of heating problems- they'll agree on the solution, the budget, and the timing with you. You can rest assured that our heating repair services will exceed your expectations! Our professionals are ready to do the job!

Company mission

Our genuine concern for customers is through dedicated and whole-hearted service. We fill their needs in a personal and excellent way. Our commitment is based on the hierarchy of principles in one’s life as follows:
  • GOD first 
  • FAMILY second 
  • CAREER third
We will provide the highest standards of indoor comfort through products, education, service and integrity for our customer. Talk to us to learn more about our heating repair service and general approach to your family's needs in Lexington.
Heating repair service in Lexington, KY
With over 35 years of experience, Jeff Monthie is excited to put his years of hard work and experience to making your home run more efficiently. He takes great pleasure in educating his clients to better inform them about HVAC systems and how they can reach their fullest capacity. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and lawn and gardening activities.
Erika Bledsoe is a certified BPI Energy evaluator. She promises to make an honest assessment of your home and comfort system to best inform you of your HVAC needs. When she is not working on behalf of Monthie clients she enjoys spending time with family, playing music and mountain biking. Erika has over 3 years of experience.
Heating repair expert in Lexington, KY
Joe Layne wants to create a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family. He promises to provide a thorough and honest evaluation of you entire system. Jeff has 5 years of HVACR experience and enjoys helping others, golf and woodworking.
Heating repair expert in Lexington, KY
Greg is a certified service technician with over 22 years of HVACR experience. He is licensed as a Kentucky Licensed Journeyman, NATE Certified and Factory trained.
Heating repair expert in Lexington, KY
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